How fast will my order ship?
We ship every weekday!  If you order by noon, it will most likely make it out the same day.


What is your return policy?
I want you to be happy and will do everything I can (within reason) to make sure you are totally satisfied. Please call or email if you have any questions or concerns.


My order arrived today, and I am excited to get it out and ready for my customers…when I realized that (*embarassed*) I don’t know how to pronounce your brand name! “Neeves”? “Neeveese”? “Nee-ehv”?
Please help! Lol!
Melissa  (from The Studio in Laconia, NH)
Thank you for asking! It’s like Neh-vis, or if you want to be more authentic it’s like Nee-eh-vis.

What is that stuff in the bottom of the “C” Perfect Skin?
What you’re seeing in there is extra Ascorbyl Palmitate (the vitamin C). When I first started making that product for myself I put more C in than the oil could absorb. As it became popular with friends and customers I just kept it the same. You can shake it up if you’d like but either way you’re still getting a nice amount of C.


I am having trouble viewing/accessing parts of the website…what gives?
If you have difficulties viewing the website, using the cart function, or navigating the website in any way, first try updating your web browser, or using a different web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.  If you continue to have difficulties feel free to call our office at (707) 273-5151 and place your order or ask any questions. You are also welcome to pop over to our Etsy Site and place your order there.  If you feel your browser is sufficiently updated and are still having difficulties please let us know.  We want to make sure we fix any glitches! 


Will you give me a discount if I want to order a whole bunch for gifts?
Sure! If you want to order 10 or more of one item I am happy to extend a 10% discount. If you are wanting more than 10 of one item give me a call and we can work something out.


I heard great reviews about your products. Was wondering if these products are safe to use in pregnancy. I am pregnant and looking for natural skin products.

Hello Richa,
I used everything except the Bath Salt and Legs ‘n All during my pregnancy. There is a small amount of Cedar in the Balm and C Perfect Skin. Cedar is on the contraindicated list for pregnancy but I felt that the amounts were small enough that I was comfortable with it. That is a call you’ll have to make. To be safe ask your healthcare provider.  My newest product, the Legs n’ All, is not recommended if you are expecting (and states so on the label) because the ingredients are super stimulating, a pregnancy no-no.

All the best,


I don’t have a bath. Can I still use the Bath Salt?
Sure! It makes a great body scrub. Just get all wet in the shower, turn off the spray and get to scrubbing all the spots then rinse and be sure to moisturize. It feels great, leaves your skin feeling smooth and invigorated


Can I use The Balm on my face?
It depends. I have customers that love it but for many folks it would be too heavy. I’ll use it sometimes when I feel like I need just a little more moisture especially around the eyes/upper cheek-bone and lip area.  I think of the Balm as a simple nourishing formula and I usually want all the goodies that are in the “C” Perfect Skin, so when I use it I layer the Balm over the “C”.  If you find that it’s right for your face, go for it!


Lovely people at By Nieves,I recently discovered an awesome trick with your face products! I mix Face Fix with C Perfect Skin as a mask, and my skin is glowing and silkily soft for a week!! I LOVE this stuff. Thank you so much! I’m finally able to throw away ProActiv forever!
Happy and glowing,

Yay! Thank you for taking the time to tell me this! I love it.
One thing I’ll suggest is to put a little water in the mix too, then you’ll get the water soluble goodies too.
Here’s to glowing skin!

… and thank you for the tip about adding a little water! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better! I’ll also share with you that about three months ago, (after having used your products for four months), my step daughter and I were together and she stopped me to look at my face and said,” My gosh your skin looks amazing!” This is a girl who has known me and my skin problems for 25 years!
Just another little nugget of happiness I could share…


I love this product (“C” Perfect Skin) and am just wondering whether I need to shake it up before using. It looks like there is a bit of cloudy sediment at the bottom of the jar as sometime happens with natural stuff. Doesn’t bother me, but do I need to gently shake the bottle?

Hello Savala,
I’m so glad you’re enjoying the C perfect Skin.
The cloudiness at the bottom is extra Ascorbyl Palmitate the oil soluble vitamin C. When I first started making that product for myself I put in more C than the oil could bring into solution (‘cuz I’m a pig for antioxidants) then as friends and customers started loving it I just kept the formula the same.
You can shake it up, if a little is left when the bottle is done it’s no big deal.
All the best,


I could use your advice….
Any remedy for large cystic pimples on the chin… I had a baby three weeks ago and my skin is CRAZY!!
Do you happen to know if there is a correlation between food products such as dairy and this sort of acne… I know its probably hormonal, but I also feel that it is food related perhaps...
Thanks, Tamara

Hi Tamara,
First of all, Congratulations!
Now on to your question. Cystic acne is tough to deal with! I’m sorry you have to.
Acne on the chin is often because of hormones, which I’m sure are going crazy right now. As far as food allergies…I don’t know. If you have other reasons to suspect dairy or you have a strong intuition that it’s the problem try cutting it out and see what happens.
A couple words of advice:
*Don’t pick at them! If one has come to a head very carefully lance it with a sterile needle and GENTLY press out the puss with tissue covered fingers.
*Don’t over dry your skin, a common mistake with acne is to try to dry the heck out of the skin but that can just make the problem worse, by irritating the skin and making the skin produce more oil. It’s counterintuitive but often a real simple oil can be the best treatment for acneic skin. I make one that I love (“C” Perfect Skin) but there are others out there that are great too, even plain old olive oil, sesame oil (raw) or coconut oil can be helpful.
*Exfoliate…gently. I designed the Face Fix to help with skin clarity. Getting the dead skin cells off the surface of your skin helps and all the herbs in that formula help with calming and nourishing the skin.
*My favorite spot treatment is Face Fix. You can mix up a little and apply right to the blemish and leave it overnight. It really helps calm and clear the situation.
* Another favorite spot treatment is Nelsons “Acne Gel”. Put a big dollop on the pimple as soon as you feel that special little feeling and let it slowly dry. I feel like it helps minimize the life cycle of a blemish no matter when you get to it. It’s very antibacterial and calms redness.
* You’re probably as tired of hearing this as I am but….Drink lots of water, it really helps with skin health.
I hope this helps,


I received a sample size (1.5 ml) of C Perfect Skin from a show in Jack London Square. I have to admit- I was impressed; it felt very good on my face. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on skin care products- typically only use water to clean my face. How long can I expect the 2 oz size of this product to last? Thanks for your help!

Hi Cheryl,
I’m so glad you enjoyed the C Perfect Skin! I usually think of the C Perfect as being 2-3 months worth. ….But then if we do a little math and conversion we find that with about 4 applications in 1.5 ml we’d have about 160 applications in 2 ounces….so that’d be somewhere around 5 months with one application of 2 pumps every day.

I end up using it twice a day, and sometimes I slather it on ( I can! I make it!) and it usually lasts a couple months.
Another thing too…if you’re comparing it to a lotion…since it is an oil-based product and every ingredient in there has benefits, you’re not paying for any emulsifiers, water or preservatives.

I hope that helps? I’m happy to answer any other questions.



Dear Nieves,
I recently started using “C” Perfect Skin and really love it. I’m still amazed that oil is not making my already oily and acne prone skin break out. Now that you’ve gained my trust, I’m wondering if you might have a suggestion for a day time SPF that isn’t awful for me? All my research has led me to zinc based products that most reviewers claim are sticky and white. Any thoughts? I’m keeping my hat close at hand in case it’s a lost cause. Thank you!
Best, Lucia

Hi Lucia,
Yes! I do have a suggestion for sunscreen. I like to use an SPF powder that is my skin tone. I get one that I like pretty well from I get the FunrSun, dumb name but the powder is good! What I like about using a powder is that you don’t have to be putting any of the other junk on your skin (preservatives, emulsifiers etc.) that’s usually in sunscreens even the “good” ones and by using a powder that’s my skin tone it just like using makeup and the application is super easy not streaky and chalky like mineral sunscreen creams. It can be a little harder to do the shoulders and chest with the powder. There are a couple mineral sunscreen creams that I like OK, Dr Hauschka’s SPF 22 for Sensitive Skin and Children and California Baby makes one I like too. I think that wearing a hat is a great idea too. I try to avoid the chemical sunscreens. They have there place; I would consider using one if I was going rafting or something but in general they creep me out.
I hope that helps!
All the best,


Any advice you have for me for the desert? I’ll be in the Black Rock for 5 weeks this time around. Last year my face was traumatized!!
Thank you! Hope you’re doing awesome!

You probably saw this coming but I think the “C” Perfect is great when in skin stressing weather and conditions. You might even want something a little heavier over it to seal in the moisture, you could use The Balm or any cold pressed decent oil like olive, sesame or coconut oil. Any time you get a chance to wash your face with real water slap some oil on there while it’s still wet to keep the hydration IN. plus of course drink lots of H2O.
All the besty best,