“C” Perfect Skin


Potent Nutrient Formula for Beautiful Skin

“C” Perfect Skin helps reduce the appearance of aging, sun damage, dark spots and scarring, while protecting against further damage. Your skin will look and feel beautifully smooth, soft, moisturized and healthy — with youthful clarity restored.

Every day I thank my lucky stars for my C Perfect Skin!
-Mary, Oakland, CA


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• No pore clogging ingredients, beneficial for all skin types, even oily skin
• Anti-aging moisturizer penetrates to repair the look of damaged skin
• Visibly minimizes wrinkles, reverses discoloration and smoothes scars
• Encourages healthy elastin and collagen
• Highly concentrated, enough to use daily for 2 to 5 months
• Contains Ascorbyl Palmitate, an oil-soluble, highly stable form of vitamin C
• Gender neutral scent
• Prevents free radical damage from stress, sun, smoke, etc.
• Not a sunscreen but can help reduce sun damage and will turbo boost your sunscreen
• Encourages elimination of clogged pores, blackheads and milia
• Excellent under makeup

Note: The cloudiness at the bottom is extra Ascorbyl Palmitate, the oil-soluble Vitamin C. When I first started making that product for myself I put in more C than the oil could bring into solution (‘cuz I’m a pig for antioxidants!) then as friends and customers started loving it, I kept the formula as it is.



Use 1 to 3 pumps on clean damp skin.  Most folks use it twice a day, but work it into your routine however feels best for you.
Recommended for the whole face, neck, chest, and back of hands because those are the places that get the most exposure and could use the help of antioxidants.

Also:• Fantastic Shaving oil, use instead of a foam or gel
• Soothing after-shave (use anywhere you might shave)
• Dab with a Q-tip or cotton ball/pad to remove eye make-up
• If you accidentally get a sunburn, apply C Perfect Skin liberally to the hot area and it will help reduce discomfort significantly


Organic Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera Biennes): Astringent and soothing. High in gamma linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid. Improves skins barrier functions.

Organic Sesame Oil (Sesamum Indicum): Small molecular size allows deep penetration. Protects from UVA damage.

Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis): Moisturizing oil that promotes suppleness and prevents loss of skin hydration. A traditionally revered cosmetic oil known for it’s superior penetrative and soothing properties.

Squalane: Antioxidant oil similar to skin’s own surface lipids. Absorbs readily. Potent anti-aging. (plant source)

Ascorbyl Palmitate: Oil soluble vitamin C, a very stable and available source of C for the skin. Potent antioxidant. Prevents damage from stress, sun, smoke (free radicals). Encourages healthy elastin and collagen. Visibly minimizes wrinkles, eases discoloration and smoothes the appearance of scars.

Frankincense essential oil (Boswellia Serrata): Softens the look of wrinkles. Good for circulation, anti-aging. Anti-depressant, relieves tension and anxiety. Relieves melancholia and morbidity.

Benzoin resin (Styrax Tonkinesis): Reduces the appearance of age spots, acne and scar tissue. Known to soothe psoriasis and visibly speed the repairs of wounds. Relieves stress and nervous tension.

Lavender essential oil (Lavendula Officinalis): Skin regenerator. Normalizes skin. Reduces puffiness and irritation. Healing. Mentally restorative and relaxing.

Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis): Eliminates toxins. Stimulating, astringent reduces the appearance of wrinkles, acneic conditions, and soothes dryness from eczema. Energizing and uplifting

Palmarosa essential oil (Cymbopogon Martinii): Reduces visible wrinkles, scars, broken veins, and acne. Regenerates tissue. Regulates sebum production. Hydrating. Promotes a sense of wellbeing.

Cedar essential oil (Cedrus Deodera): Prevents the appearance of acne, soothes dryness from eczema. Grounding, calming, prevents anxiety.

Rose essential oil ( Rosa damascena): Reduces visible scars, wrinkles, and broken capillaries. Increases circulation. Cellular regenerative. Aphrodisiac. Spiritually uplifting.


I have always had ‘problem’ skin… either broken out or dry or just messed up from too many airplanes and too much travel.  ‘C’ perfect skin has been something of a revelation to me. I use it every day… I would actually be very sad without it. It has totally balanced out my often confused skin in the most natural way.
I’ve always been suspicious of the unpronounceables found in most store-bought skincare products, which either clog my pores or dry my skin out. I was skeptical of using an oil on skin that already tends towards being oily, but it really has been the long-sought-after answer for me.
It smells great. it makes you look great. It’s entirely natural and home-made by someone who knows and cares. Nothing about has ever come into contact with any money-grubbing corporate interest. It may actually solve all of your life problems and help you win the lottery (the tests are still out on that one).
Did i mention that i really love this stuff? I do. Really, really.
-Carla Kihlstedt, carla kihlstedt,Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, 2 Foot Yard, Tin Hat, TheBook of Knots, Cosa Brava, Minamo, Causing a Tiger, and Necessary Monsters


Every day I thank my lucky stars for my C Perfect Skin.
-Mary, Oakland, CA


The first day I used your “C” my guy said “What did you do to your skin, it looks amazing!
– Alex Nzeutem, New York, NY


I have been using your products for the last 1 1/2 years or so and love them.   The “C” Perfect Skin is the best product I have ever used on my face.  People keep asking me why my face is glowing and I tell them about your products.  I had 2 young women at Kaiser ask me about my skin and I am almost 60.  I directed them to your website!
I cannot say enough about your products.
-Pam Katz, Oakland, CA


I use the Balm and “C” Perfect Skin, which leaves my skin feeling fantastic!
– Madeleine Faught, Australia


With “C Perfect Skin” I do see a vast improvement – I would never have thought that an oil based lotion could be so light and nurturing.
-Ck k., Oakland, CA


I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love C Perfect Skin!  I was a bit skeptical of putting oil on my face at first.  But I’ve been using it twice a day and I think it’s amazing.  My skin hasn’t seemed this clear in years!
I just thought I’d let you know.  I’ve been telling my friends too!


Fantastic facial serum arrived super fast and I’m happy as a lark.
-Etsy Customer


I have been using your products for the last 1 1/2 years or so and love them.   The “C” Perfect Skin is the best product I have ever used on my face.  People keep asking me why my face is glowing and I tell them about your products.  I had 2 young women at Kaiser ask me about my skin and I am almost 60.  I directed them to your website!
Thank You!


I’ve started using the C Perfect Skin on my face every day and it’s life changing!!!! Thanks for making such an amazing product! :)
-Lauren, Jackson & Polk, San Francisco


I love love love this product! No other treatment has made my skin look and feel as healthy. Friends have even commented on how radiant I look! It smells and feels so nice. So impressed by this product that I’ve purchased more as a gift. Thank you Nieves!!
-Etsy Customer


Wonderful for winter woes very high quality – great value.
-“artistryaboutface”, Etsy Customer


I got a sample of the “C” Perfect oil at a craft fair.  My first reaction was UGHH as I pictured smearing oil on my face, but Nieves suggested I try it at night.  So I did and I was amazed;  it went on smoothly and soaked right in.  There was no greasy feel after just a few minutes.  And my skin felt so soft.   Now I use it under my makeup every day.  I wouldn’t be without it!
-Elfride G., Hayward, CA


I’ve been trying all sorts of moisturizers over the years with nothing really standing out as an exemplary product until now…
By Nieves “C” Perfect is AMAZING!!! My skin has never felt so soft and rejuvenated! I love the fact that she uses all natural ingredients in her products.
-Kimmy S., Berkely, CA


Since using “C” Perfect Skin I see a softness and glow I have not seen in years – no joke!
Kristen, Oakland, CA


Greetings Friends,
My daughter gave me a sampling of your products nearly two years ago and I have been using them ever since.  After using the “C” Perfect Skin for only a few months I saw my daughter again when she visited from NYC and she said, “Mom, your skin looks so great!  You look so much younger.  What are you using?”. I told her I had used my sample of “C” Perfect Skin and ordered the larger size.  It is all I use on my face.  What am amazing product.  No more special day cream, night cream, eye cream, etc… Just one perfect serum that works like magic!!
I also make the Cloud of Protection available in my bathrooms.  Friends have thanked me for making it available for when they would otherwise leave behind what they feel are embarrassing smells.  I also use it when my kittie cat leaves behind an unpleasant smell in her litter box.  I sometimes use it just because I like the scent.
I also love the bath salts!  I love to take baths but only had a shower in my last home.  I have recently moved into a new home with a great bathtub.  Now I have your bath salts to go with my relaxing baths!  And the balm has so many uses:  lips, hair, body, feet, hands, elbows, knees…
Your whole line is amazing!  I have heard some people say it is pricey but in my opinion the value I get for price of each item far outweighs far more expensive products I have tried.  Every item I use lasts.  The “C” Perfect Skin lasts for several months and I use several pumps daily.  The Cloud of Protection also lasts for months.  The balm is so rich it too lasts for months.  The bath salts go quickly but then I do I indulge myself with lot of salts per bath and several baths per week.  I would love to see a larger size in the bath salts.
Thank you for a creative, natural, luscious, pampering, and utterly effective line of products!
-Jyoti K., Valley of the Moon, CA


Hi, I have been using the “c” perfect skin oil and loving it.  I am 42 and I have noticed that since using this product, I have taken almost 10 years off the lines around my eyes!!  No kidding, people do not believe me when I tell them my kids are both in high school.
Tanya W.


My skin feels so much softer after using it. I will order it again!


I am on my third bottle of this product and I love it. It’s a very gentle formula delivery of Vitamin C. I put it on my lips, face and neck. There was never a sensitivity. I apply it to clean skin before morning moisturizer, and alternate applying it at night with a retinol product. Keep it coming!


My age spots are just now fading on my forehead but the ones on the backs of my hands faded quicker for some reason. I use nothing else. I love it on my lips, too. I love the ingredients and that its actually edible tho I don’t go that far. I could go on about this product, I’m hooked!
– Sahara


I have tried MANY different products for my face and have wasted a lot of money in the process.
“C” Perfect is the best I have ever used. In the two weeks I have used this oil, I have seen some changes in my skin, especially my face. My skin seems to have a softer appearance and the fine lines around my eyes have vanished. I use this all over my body and the appearance is noticeable only after two weeks. My skin loves this “C” Perfect and a little goes a long way; well worth the price.


I love this product — I have been using it for a few months and my skin is brighter and it has faded the sun spot I have.
– mittensam


This is an excellent product. This is my third Nieves product and I love them all. You only need a little amount of this so one bottle will last a long time. I am very excited about the ingredients in this product. They are gentle and caused no skin irritation. It makes my skin soft and I believe my skin is smoother, brighter and has had an effect on fine lines. I like that it comes in a glass bottle too. Just for added safety. When applied it takes a minute or two before it sinks into your skin and you will notice an immediate difference. I rub the excess into my hands and as an added benefit they are improving too. I will be buying this in the future. I use the Neives Balm on my skin in addition to this when I need extra protection.
– americangirl


I have really sensitive skin since having had to use 5-FU for precancers. This is one of the few products that doesn’t cause eczema flares. It does seem to improve the appearance of skin and the fact that there aren’t artificial fragrances added is a plus as well. A little goes a long way and the price is really not that bad when compared with other oils.
– loribodhi


I purchased 2 bottles and am still using my first, but my skin definitely loves this product. I am using it morning and night and am beginning to see results after a very short period of time.


I love the smell,my skin loves it as well.  After I use it,my skin becomes baby soft.  And this is safe and natural.  Highly recommend!  You will love it!
– mila1210


I originally got this oil as a sample with my other product and I loved it so much I had to buy the full size product. It is really good stuff, and it feels amazing on your skin. It doesn’t leave a film and it isn’t too heavy like many other beauty oils. It also won’t clog your pores. My skin feels so soft after using it. It will also last a long time because a little goes a long way. Totally worth the price!


I bought this a year ago and still have half the bottle. Little goes a long way; last FOREVER. High-quality ingredients, smells great, works amazingly on dry skin and making your skin feel younger.


On my first bottle but I will buy this again. My face feels so soft, healthy, looks healthy looks glowing and bright. I have tried almost every serum on the market, this wins the prize! Try it you will fall in love_ôÍě


I love this and have used it every day since I found it. It makes my skin feel like I’m feeding it. Delicious stuff.
– Sahara

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This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, or Prevent Any Disease.

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C Perfect Skin

Full Size (2 oz) $35, Trial/Travel Size (.5oz) $15, Bigger Bottle (8 oz) with funnel $95, Bigger Bottle (8 oz) with pump $95


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