Housemade Hydrosols


Small batch botanical Hydrosols distilled right here at HQ.



I like to use hydrosols for a mid day pick and to rehydrate skin. Can be used as a final spritz on a fancy drink. Great for setting make-up.

Rosemary Hydrosol (Salvia rosmarinus)
Rosemary is known to be great for skin and hair. This stimulating hydrosol will pick you up and refresh your skin, hair and mind. Spray to hydrate your face. Spray in your hair to stimulate your scalp.

Lavender Hydrosol  (Lavendula angustifolia)
This hydrosol is lovely for your skin. Lavender is known to be healing, calming and beneficial for most skin complaints.

Redwood Hydrosol (Sequoia sempervirens) 
Redwood hydrosol can be used to tone and soothe all skin types though its gentle, exfoliating properties can particularly benefit those with acne-prone skin.  Only found in California, Redwood is uplifting yet also relaxing and balancing for the nervous system.

HYDROSOL DEFINITION: the aromatic non-alcoholic distillate left from the distillation process of organically grown plants that contains water-soluble parts of the plant material and micro-drops of the essential oil..…Jeanne Rose 1990


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Lavender Hydrosol 4oz 24.00, Rosemary Hydrosol 4oz 18.00, Redwood Hydrosol 4 oz 30.00


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