Ephemera #5


This batch of Ephemera features an accord of Rose, Hyraceum, Fir Balsam and Vetiver resulting in a musky chypre style perfume.


Ephemera #5
Limited to 58 of the 2oz and 163 of the .5oz

During the creative process we rinse every beaker and pipette with
perfume alcohol, ending up with a scent snapshot of a period of time.
When there is enough “everything” I make a perfume to compliment this unique base.

This batch of Ephemera features essential oils of
Hyraceum, Rose, Fir Balsam and Vetiver
with a touch of Mandarin Hydrosol.

This formula is unrepeatable.


Neutral Grape Spirits, Essential Oils and a smidge of Mandarin Peel Hydrosol.


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Weight 1 oz
Ephemera #5

Ephemera #5 (2 oz. )$80.00, Ephemera #5 (.5 oz) $25.00, Ephemera #5 Sample ( .6 mL) Free