Deluxe Bag


Go all the way with the deluxe treatment!

This silk screened red velvet bag contains the Cloud of Protection, Bath Salt, Face Fix, “C” Perfect Skin and The Balm. I Include a slightly tongue in cheek set of instructions called “One way to do it” that will guarantee the enjoyment of the goods or at least a giggle.

A hundred and twenty one value for 100 bucks

Everything Nieves makes smells great and feels even better.
—Elizabeth, Michigan


Product Info

Each locally hand screen printed bag contains:

Cloud of Protection – 4oz
“C” Perfect Skin – 2oz
Bath Salt – 16oz
The Balm – 2.5oz
Face Fix – 4oz

One Way To Do It

Walk the perimeter of your place, misting the
Cloud of Protection and creating the space you desire.

Mix a mask of Face Fix with apple juice, honey or
whatever you desire and apply.

Draw a hot bath, enhance the water with Bath Salt
and relish the warm fragrant air.

Get in the tub and chill the f*ck out.

Emerge and slather your body with The Balm

Anoint your face with “C” Perfect Skin.

Appreciate your clean and perfectly pampered self.
Go forth and spread the joy.


It’s been about three months since I splurged and got myself the deluxe kit from By Nieves Handmade Natural Body Care. I could not be more pleased with all of the earthy products. My favorite is Face Fix, because my skin feels balanced after washing with it. I use it according to the directions on the label and just mix the powder with a little water, leave it on for a bit and rinse. My skin feels neither like it is slick and soapy nor tight and drawn as it does even with fairly gentle cleansers. As suggested by Nieves, I follow up with C Perfect Skin. As a person with such sensitive skin that I could never wear make-up or even touch my face with my hands without getting breakouts, I was fearful of putting oils directly on my skin, but it was not worth the worry. I finally have a moisturizer that I can use. Everything Nieves makes smells great and feels even better.
If all of that good stuff is not enough, Nieves is an attentive and helpful person. Her company is 100% human. Thanks, Nieves!
Elizabeth, Michigan


I wish I had discovered Nieves sooner, having spent obscene amounts of money on various herbal natural organic lotions and potions in my battle against acne. I travel full time in my work and am happy to have found everything I need in one kit. I use it all everyday and I LOVE the feel and the smell, best stuff ever. The protection spray is perfect for planes and hotel rooms, and my costume bag!!
Buy the whole kit, and while yer at it get some for friends and family. I know my Christmas present list is all sorted now, thank you very much Nieves!!!
Samantha, UK


Every day my face is “fixed” by the Face Fix and slathered with soothing C Perfect Skin….. my house is always in a CLOUD of Protection and I no longer have dry winter skin thanks to the BALM. If you want your bath, body, car or bedroom to smell divine…get a hold of those magic BATH SALTS – all natural, all works wonderfully – I dig it the MOST!
Heidi Bennet


Greetings Friends,
My daughter gave me a sampling of your products nearly two years ago and I have been using them ever since.  After using the “C” Perfect Skin for only a few months I saw my daughter again when she visited from NYC and she said, “Mom, your skin looks so great!  You look so much younger.  What are you using?”. I told her I had used my sample of “C” Perfect Skin and ordered the larger size.  It is all I use on my face.  What am amazing product.  No more special day cream, night cream, eye cream, etc… Just one perfect serum that works like magic!!
I also make the Cloud of Protection available in my bathrooms.  Friends have thanked me for making it available for when they would otherwise leave behind what they feel are embarrassing smells.  I also use it when my kittie cat leaves behind an unpleasant smell in her litter box.  I sometimes use it just because I like the scent.
I also love the bath salts!  I love to take baths but only had a shower in my last home.  I have recently moved into a new home with a great bathtub.  Now I have your bath salts to go with my relaxing baths!  And the balm has so many uses:  lips, hair, body, feet, hands, elbows, knees…
Your whole line is amazing!  I have heard some people say it is pricey but in my opinion the value I get for price of each item far outweighs far more expensive products I have tried.  Every item I use lasts.  The “C” Perfect Skin lasts for several months and I use several pumps daily.  The Cloud of Protection also lasts for months.  The balm is so rich it too lasts for months.  The bath salts go quickly but then I do I indulge myself with lot of salts per bath and several baths per week.  I would love to see a larger size in the bath salts.
Thank you for a creative, natural, luscious, pampering, and utterly effective line of products!
-Jyoti K
Valley of the Moon, CA


These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The FDA.
This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, or Prevent Any Disease.

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