Temple to Temple Eye Pillow



A new design for Eye Pillows!

Wanting a little more weight and coverage and less slippage we added inches to the pillow part and added 11 extra inches on each side. These long flaps help keep the eye part on your eyes if you might perchance move around in your sleep. They are even long enough to tie if maybe you were on an airplane or something.

The eye coverage part is 14 inches long so it goes from one temple to the other providing that soothing weight that helps with deep relaxation.

We’re using Organic Rice, Lavender Flowers, Lavender Essential Oil, and freshly wild harvested Mugwort sewn into organic or upcycled cotton.

Handmade by our fabulous Lyndsey Battle and my dearest Dan Rathbun

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Temple to Temple Eye Pillow

Blue Organic Cotton, Turtle Pattern Upcycled Cotton


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